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Random pics

Picasa was really screwing around with me on the previous post....I had chosen a couple of pictures and Picasa conveniently chose different ones! Here is the picture I wanted posted from Brennen's 3 yr bday celebration. Not that fuzzy one that WAS posted!

Here's a picture of Branson wearing one of Jared's baby hats. Such a cutie!

Here's cheesy boy with a big ol grin. Poor guy has terrible excema on his face! Anyone know of any cures? The allergy doc has been helping but it's SUPER expensive and he has quite a few allergies!
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Ruby Red Slippers said...

Soooo cute!
My youngest has severe allergies, and exzema...no cures...If you find one, tell me!
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hello! He is cute! We treated our little ones excema from the inside, as advised by Dr and naturopath. And so foods were eliminated, in our case, Dairy. And he was put on some drops, not that I remember what they contained, but a good N.path would sort that. For bathtime there was no soap used, instead an oil that cleansed and moisturised, and for soothing and healing we applied Paw Paw (think you call it Papaya) cream. My children did very well with Paw Paw for any kind of skin irritation or sore, but I have a cousin whose baby did flare up when she used it, so do a little skin test first. He is a lovely little boy - hope this clears up soon. Blessings. Naomi