"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Last week

I am sitting here trying to enjoy the last handful of Sunday hours before the beginning of ANOTHER week. It's difficult because my mind keeps drifting back to the fact that this coming week is the LAST week. The last week of school. After which I will find my self being driven insane at an accelerated rate by my beloved boys. At times like these, I find my self asking "What in the world can I do to keep my kids busy while holding on to my last precious bits of sanity?" I do think this summer is going to be brutal. I will find myself wondering (often) why I do not apply for a full time job. Jon is easy as can be so I'm really not worried about him. PLUS, he will be driving in just 8 short days so, yeah, easy peasy. Jake is a monster if he doesn't have something constructive to occupy his time. I've already talked to his employer from last summer hoping he needs help again THIS summer. Jake working is KEY to my summer success. Keep your fingers crossed! Tucker is preteen and abnoxious as all get out. I find myself wanting to just duct tape him to a chair in his room quite often. He is going to be a "camp counselor" for the camping themed reading program at the library. Thank God! That should keep him a bit busy. Tanner is still as spastic as ever and I'm hoping to farm him out to some friends and family for play dates and general running around and tiring out. He's a good kid, just SUPER manic and hyper. Brennen is definitely becoming a handful. A jealous, poke the baby with a skewer when Mom's not looking, handful. I need to keep him busy and tired. Key to my sanity saving plan. Branson's easy as can be and hardly cries when poked with skewers. He's been keeping fairly busy with Pottery Barn Kids and modeling. You can look for him in this Fall's catalog! Hopefully the jobs will keep rolling in so we can fatten up his college fund. Lord knows that's the only way he'll be able to go! With THIS economy and 6 kids.... Send me all your summertime sanity saving tips. I am in DIRE need of help!

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Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Mud and buckets and shovels for the little ones. A good door lock to keep the older ones out of the fridge (and house) until mealtime. And lots of wine.