"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Halloween anyone?

So, that night is coming up, quicker than you can imagine. You know, the one that induces a sugar coma in kids and grown ups alike. Yeah, you know you take some of their candy to munch on while they sleep..... Don't try to pretend you don't. So, my question to you is this. Do your kids still dress up for Halloween? Do you take them trick or treating around a neighborhood? Do you go through their candy with a fine tooth comb? Do you get into the Halloween spirit and dress up as well? What's everyone going as this year? We are still sort of undecided here. Tanner's finally decided on a vampire. He's pretty excited about it too. Jake is reusing his costume from last year (every mother's dream....1 costume, 2 years!) which was a soldier. Jon *may* be the tin man. I have a costume that DH wore once. I'd prefer Jon be this rather than something demented like most pre teen boys like to wear. Tucker is rather undecided. I usually dress up too as I love Halloween. Maybe I'll be a witch (again) or a cat. I have a really awesome full length leopard print coat. I think my costume will be decided by the weather because the cat outfit would be much warmer. We shall see. Hopefully DH will participate because the kids really get a kick out of that. We'll do the usual trick or treating and then home......should be fun!


Amie said...

Are you going to paint your belly like a pumpkin??

Dana said...

I wasn't planning on it but maybe I should do something just for the pics.... I actually did have a bunch of pregnancy pics taken last week. Some sort of Britney Spears-ish ones even. It was fun and I think I'll be giving Jared a nice framed pic for Christmas. (even though the baby will be here by then) I have so few pics of me prego since I'm always taking the pics.