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Very "not-needed" excitement!

So, as I'm coming home from Costco on Tuesday with a FULLY LOADED car, I'm chatting away with my mom. She casually asks if Jared is maybe home because she sees some smoke. "No, why would he be home mid-day, and why would he be setting ANYTHING on fire with these dry fields?" So, I got off the phone so she could call 911. Even though she saw about 4 cars watching the flaming field, she was the 1ST person to call it in?! What's wrong with people these days? Do they all just assume that it's somebody else's responsibility? So, I am hurrying home and we get out hoses right away because this field you see is about the only thing separating the raging fire from my house. CDF was super quick to the scene and they had it out in a matter of hours. The COOLEST part ever was having the CDF helicopter land right in our field and drop of 6 fire fighters before taking off to get bucket loads of water. Thankfully, the neighbors newly-purchased house was spared. The fire chief told us that had someone waited 2 more minutes before calling in, the house would be lost! YIKES! Posted by Picasa


Susan Hatler said...

Oh my gosh. I can't believe that happened. How scary! Thank goodness your mom was home and saw the fire. Did they say what caused it?

Amie said...

How are you? You can't have this long of absences when your pregnant ;D