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38 week appt.

I have my 38 week appt in about an hour! Yeah! Please PRAY that something is going on. Amie reminded me that dialation, earlier in the game, doesn't necessarily mean anything but I would be thrilled to know that things were already in motion.... I will update after my appt to let you all know what's going on. I keep hoping this lil guy will decide to arrive a bit early but he seems to be snug as a bug in a rug. SO, I'm guessing he'll be here mid December. That means there's only about 3-4 weeks to go (instead of 14 days.....) Honestly, I'm not completely ready right now anyhow. I still need to put a bag together, make sure camera batteries are all charged and good to go, and come up with a "getting to the hospital" plan in case I go into labor during the day when all my boys are off at school and Jared's at work (my worst nightmare!) So, I will have to make sure I get these things all done this week (just in case!)

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Norm & Debra said...

If I have my time zones right that means that your appointment is in 10 minutes from now! i'll pray right now for your appt! Can't wait to hear how things are going. Debra has a myspace and added you as a friend :o)