"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato



Ok, so, today didn't go even close to how I had wanted it to go. Not that I had any MAJOR plans but I did have a few things on my list of "things to get done". Of course Jon had his own agenda which I was willing and able to work around. He really wanted to go to a skate park with his buddy. I figured, sure, I'll drop him off for a bit of fun and I'll be able to run my couple of errands with one less boy. (that's always the preffered way!) So, I start getting the troops ready. Tanner can't find his shoes. This has become an epidemic in our house. The boys (aside from Jon) can never manage to find their shoes when it's time to go. So, I assigned Jon the task of locating the shoes, any shoes that would fit on Tanner's feet. Jon wasn't too thrilled with his assignment but what did I care, he WAS after all going to be getting something out of the deal (trip to the skate park) So, I ignored his complaints. Finally Jon located a pair of shoes and I quickly went through the car pulling out various unneccessary items and tossing the trash in the garbage can. OK, we're finally ready to go! So, I lug my big ole BABY butt up into the car and wouldn't you know, Tanner had taken it upon himself to leave my car on....just enough to drain the battery! No, he didn't admit to this, but I know from experience that things like this usually only have one culprit and he's lucky he's cute. Needless to say, Jon was quite ticked off and threw around a preteen attitude that would shock and amaze you all! So, that's my day.....stuck at home! BLAH!

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