"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


You'd think I'd be set

With the pending arrival of a 5th boy, you'd think I'd be set on clothing wouldn't you?! Well, after searching through numerous boxes of baby clothes from the 4 bigger boys, I've come to realize that this child is more than likely going to need a new wardrobe! UGH! Since I've never had a baby during the winter months, I've very unprepared. I know that for the first several weeks I will just be bundling him up in jammies anyway so that's no big deal. BUT, eventually, I will need to start putting actual clothes on this boy and I don't have any baby winter clothes! I guess it's convenient that he's going to be arriving so close to Christmas. The family will be wanting to buy him something for his first Christmas and now I know what I can say he needs! PLUS, I will be able to take advantage of the great sales in January. I guess there are worse things in the world than shopping for cute baby clothes.....

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Amie said...

Oh, I am actually jealous. There is nothing better than shopping for baby clothes when you actually NEED it.