"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato



I'd love to know why it is that, I, being 40 weeks pregnant and physically so TIRED, am the ONLY one in my househould seemingly able to drag my own butt out of bed in the morning?! It's the most irritating thing to me. Both Jared and Jon are supposed to be leaving the house at 7:20 and it never fails....I am always having to wake them up and then, 5 minutes later, wake them up AGAIN! UGH! Today I put my foot down. I told them both that under NO CIRCUMSTANCES am I waking them up any longer. I figure, if they're late a couple of times because they can't get their lazy bones up, they will start adjusting their alarms (yes, they both have one!) Geesh, it's bad enough that I wake up all night long to go to the bathroom....soon enough there will be nightly feedings and diaper changes AND trips to the bathroom. I know I SEEM Wonderwoman-ish at times but I can't do it all! LOL

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Sarah said...

Hang in there, Dana!