"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Welcome Little Lizzy!

Not the clearest of pictures but it's still obvious how beautiful my new lil neice is! Elizabeth Rose born on 4/20/07! 7lbs 12 oz 19 inches long! See how cute my hubby looks with a girl! I still think we need to complete our six pack. Who knows? Maybe we'll get a girl....if not, we'll have another beautiful boy!
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Mom of 4 Busy Kids said...

I say go for one more. I agree, he does look like he is enjoying holding a little lady. I would have kept on popping them out up until 6, for two reasons. One a girl would be nice, luckily got one on the 3rd babe (but still kept going!!) and 2, I always felt like if I was gonna have all boys I wanted a houseful of them. I have 3 boys and I love hearing them joke with each other, and play fight, and even the flatulence jokes are kinda funny sometimes!! So, why not right?? Boys will grow up to be best buds, and there will never be a dull moment, you're so lucky to have a bunch of them.

Amie said...

Go for the 6 pack! We probably will, although not for like five years. Your boys ARE gorgeous, and i'm sure a girl would be too.

Your niece is so sweet :)