"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato



Today, Jared and I celebrate our 12 year anniversary! We've been through a lot together both good and bad. 5 beautiful boys, 3 lost pregnancies, 3 significant family losses, 6 different jobs, 1 wonderful, booming business together, lots of ups and lots of downs and through it all, we still love each other. Sure, it's not a "butterflies in the stomach" kind of love but it's a secure, we can count on each other kind! Marriage sure is tough....I've had my moments when I want to slap him silly but I can't imagine spending my days with anybody else! It sure seems like the time has just flown by....


Amie said...

Happy Anniversary!

I didn't know you lost 3 pregnancies, that's rough.

Jennifer&Derrick said...

Happy Anniversary!
I can totally relate to the slapping him silly part of your post!LOL But it's all worth whiile when you look at your gorgeous kids and see the wonderful mixture the two of you created together!:)