"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato



So, I wake up this morning and it's raining! Well, not raining, raining but it's drizzling. Things are getting wet! What the heck kind of weather is this for summer in California?!?! Needless to say, I felt it necessary, after checking the weather forecast online, to change out of my cute tank top into a more practical (for today) long sleeve tshirt. This weather is too confusing. Is it warm, is it cold? What do I wear? Do I need an umbrella or a bottle of sunscreen?!?
Aside from the crummy weather, things are going well. Tanner's agent called yesterday and wants him to work Thursday AND Friday. This is great! He'll get some money to buy Ben 10 guys, some will go into his bank account (ok, I haven't opened it yet but I PLAN on it) and we'll probably use the rest to buy the guys school clothes. BUT, before he can work, I need to head out to Oakland to renew his work permit. Not what I wanted to be doing today but, hey, he needs it in order to work and his jobs help us buy him the things he wants and needs! Brennen had an appt yesterday and it turns out he's going to need a little surgery in September! I'm, of course, scared to death about this but everything should be fine. I never posted about this as a possibility because I was hoping things would all work themselves out. Not so much...... I'll post more details about this all later....
I think maybe I'll take the guys bowling today after we get the work permit....should be fun! What are you all up to today? Feel free to comment....I miss you all!


Anonymous said...

It's raining here too!! Makes for a long day, when I can't toss the kiddies in the backyard to burn off energy. Guess this means crafts and some good movies today. Bowling sounds like a fun idea. Hope it goes well.

Amie said...

How cool that your son got some work! They are so gorgeous, I bet their in demand.