"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


He's driving me insane!

Jared! He's driving me absolutely crazy. He has his own business and I do all the bookwork for him. He is constantly forgetting to tell me about new customers and work that's been done which makes it nearly impossible to accurately bill people. His lack of communication has lost him accounts....more than once. It's driving me bonkers and he doesn't seem to really think it's a big deal. I'm ready to wring his neck! Not only that but when it comes time to bill the customers (monthly) he never gets me the info I need on time so most often, the billing goes out late which means the money comes in late.....then I have no money when our bills are due! Any advice on how to get a clam to open up?!?! AaahhHHHHh!

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Melissa said...

My husband keeps a folder in his vehicle which has a calendar inside. Each day has a big enough square to write the customer info on the day he does the work for them. When he gets home he writes out the invoice for the customer so I can get if faxed or mailed. Maybe if your husband could write their info down in the calendar while he is still sitting in their driveway and hand that into you at the end of each day/week/month you could easily bill out each customer. You would have all the info you needed too. I know how it is about getting invoices out on time because it can take awhile to get paid when you have to wait for bank draws, etc... We have special proposals too so everytime we get a bid to someone they are on these proposals that we keep a copy of. These are handy too for record keeping, etc. I hope this helps. It can be frustrating being in business for yourself although rewarding at the same time. We are in the same boat as you guys are.