"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Getting better....

No, I never was able to get back my list of faves. Top it all off with the fact that EVERY address I had in my address book was gone as were ALL the emails I'd saved over the years. Conveniently enough, I just got an AOL "how are we doing" survey in my email. I don't think they really want to know! LOL Weirdly enough, I still had a bunch of sent emails and old emails so I was able to get a lot of my addresses back. The one that I still really need I will just have to *gasp* SEND MY FRIEND AN ACTUAL LETTER! No problem really, letter writing is a lost art as I learned from Granny after her passing. We found loads of letters to and from her friends. She was the correspondence queen! She kept awesome photo albums too...writing names and dates on everything.
The boys are keeping me running. Jon just left to boy scout camp yesterday which means Jake will be a total handfull at bedtime....he's scared of EVERYTHING if someone's not downstairs with him! Tucker's been pretty good but Tanner's been a real terd lately. He's defiant and snotty. UGH! I found he dumped a whole container of rainbow glitter in his room yesterday and when I asked about it he played the "I have no idea what you're talking about" card! Double UGH! Glitter is NO fun to try to clean up. That's why it was safely (or so I thought) hidden. Brennen was sick the other night but seems fine now. Still NO teeth! Such a change from the other boys who mostly had teeth at 4 months. (Tanner got his at 6 mos all the rest were 4) Jon even had 8!!!! teeth at 4 mos and here's Brennen, 7 mos now with not a tooth in sight. I guess maybe this is a good thing for me since I like my body parts where they are and he's already a biter! (yes, we're still nursing)
I guess I better start getting ready for the day. It's 8am and the boys are stirring. Hope you're all having a great summer. Oh, and if you have any surefire ways to help me get Tucker and Tanner motivated to clean the pig sty that is their room, please feel free to let me know! I've started loading all the toys into garbage bags. They cried but are unmotivated to save any toys by actually putting them away! Such boogers!

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