"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


SO MAD! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!

Ok, AOL is now on my list. Right at the top as a matter of fact. For unknown reasons, aol tells me this morning that my main data-something-or-other is damaged. This meant I was unable to get online for most of the day....that is until I found an old aol 8.0 disk in my drawer. I installed it to find my ENTIRE, EXTENSIVE list of favorite places is GONE! NO MORE, NADA, NOTHING! AAAaahhhHHHHhh! SO, I borrowed my mom's 9.0 disk and installed that. My background that I always have popped up which seemed so promising. Alas, my favorites are no more! I am so irritated. All of my blog buddies addresses are lost in the vast black hole of the internet. Please respond so I can save you again! I'm having blog withdrawls here.......WRITE TO ME!


Amie said...

You should create a bloglines account. I kept losing my favorites for some unknown reason a while back and thankgoodness all my favorite blogs were in my bloglines.

Jennifer&Derrick said...

Oh no!! I hate when that happens. Love the pics of your boys...Brennen is such a little cutie!!

Tracey said...

Yes. Bloglines is great for saving your favorite blogs. I hate computer glitches. Like I have TIME for computer problems??