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Football season is beginning!

I went to a meeting last night for Jon's football team. He's in the Senior division this year.... His coach seems like he's going to be super good. He's been coaching for 20 years for this league so I get the feeling he really knows what he's doing. The one thing coach said that Jon was not too thrilled about was the fact that most injuries to the players during the season, usually comes from things like skateboards and roller blades so he's asking parents to take those items away from the guys for the season since he needs them all whole and healthy. UGH! That info did NOT go over too well. Jon was so ticked off! BUT, I think he's going to comply with that because he really loves football. I can hardly wait to start cheering him on! I think it'll be a great year!

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Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

Sounds like fun..starting a "sport season"..I have to admit, I really enjoyed watching Makayla play soccer this year, I guess it goes to show whats to come for me with the other kids soon enough huh.