"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


How can it be?

My baby turned 9 mos yesterday!!!! Didn't I JUST have him? Gosh, it sure feels that way. So, here's what's happened in 9 mos....
~We've been loving THE best baby!
~He's happy, happy, happy! And I mean.....ALL THE TIME!
~He's smiling, laughing, rolling all over the place, sitting up, and doing a really exaggerated crawl (hands up high, slamming down on the ground)
~He's had several rounds of shots and 1 surgery!
~He's gone from 9lbs to 18lbs 15oz!!!!
~He's a great eater! There's nothing he won't try. (FYI, like mommy, he HATES tomatos! He tried one and started shaking and crying...I thought he was choking but no, he just despises tomatos!)
~He's a very nosy boy...has to see what's going on all the time...if he hears something, he's always peeking around me to see what it is.
~He makes all sorts of funny faces....the latest is a bulldog looks when he's grinding his 1 bottom tooth with his 2 top teeth (OH NO!)
~He's drinking from a straw AND a cup! He LOVES strawberry lemonade.
~He's such a great little guy with a beautiful personality and we feel very lucky to have him in our home!


andria said...

You forgot a picture!

Yes, it does feel like you just had him. Can't believe he's so big already.

Amie said...

Thats funny about the tomato! He sounds like a wonderful baby.