"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


No fun at all

So, I've decided that being the mom of 6 boys is no longer fun! When do I ever get to be anywhere but in my car? I feel like I am a glorified chauffeur. I mean, I guess that's normal and all but I am just SO tired of dealing with crappy attitudes. They are all just turds to me and I'm sick of it. You all probably noticed I said 6 boys....well Jared is acting like SUCH a child lately it's driving me crazy. I know he's busy with his business and all but really, would it be too much to ask that you back me up every once in a blue moon? Seriously, how am I, one tiny mom, supposed to raise these 5 boys into great men if I don't have some help from a man? I think I'm just feeling a bit like things are spinning out of control and I am helpless to make any changes for the better. Maybe I need some happy pills? Or a nice big drink? Or better yet......a boy/man free vacation?!?!?!? OK, pity party over.

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Jennifer&Derrick said...

sometimes i don't know how you do it. 5 boys...i look after 1 with homedaycare and he drives me up the wall! What type of business does your husband run? you should get together with some of your girlfriends and have a mommy's weekend without the kids. Make your hubby look after the boys for 3 days and see how much appreciation you get when you come home!LOL
thanks again for the email regarding the modelling.