"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Happy Thursday.

Thursday has GOT to be my favorite day of the week.....TV wise. It used to be my "Friends" night but since that's done and over with, I've had to make new favorites. I so love watching Survivor. If I could handle being away from my family for so long I think I could really rock that show. I also LOVE ER. We've watched it for MANY years and it never gets boring for me. Jared loves My Name is Earl. Personally, I'd rather TIVO Ugly Betty but since we can only TIVO 2 shows at once, it's only fair that he get to choose one of them. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of good shows on other days....Desperate Housewives, Ghost Whisperer, Journeyman is a new fave of my boys. We're also looking forward to Pushing Daisies (premieres tonight!) the new season of Lost and Nip/Tuck (SO scandelous!) I know, you're probably thinking my life is pathetically boring that I get so excited about tv shows. Well, I need SOME way to unwind! My name is Dana and I'm addicted to TV. So, tell me, what are YOUR favorites?


Norm & Debra said...

we definitely love survivor as well, we also like House and the Office. We just started watching journeyman and it's kind of cool to!

Kelli said...

I LOVE the Office!! So Thursdays are exciting for me as well. I haven't gotten into too many other shows quiet yet. But the Office rocks! (I sound so lame.)