"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


On and on

The plague is still plaguing us....We've got more boys down. Tanner's bounced back from his encounter with the plague...and pink eye. Jon is fine. Fit as a fiddle, really. He rarely gets sick. Me, I'm that HALF sick that regularly exposed moms tend to get. I have a bit of a fever and I'm just sick enough to feel really crummy but not quite sick enough to be able to get out of taking care of the real sickos. UGH! I spent the night wanting to puke. Every time I moved I felt like I had an acute case of car sickness. Brennen was extremely stuffy last night and sort of gaggy. I think it was just post nasal drip....poor guy....that's the worst. I was worried about nursing him since I was feeling so lousy but he seems ok. Jake was up all night. Puking. Dry heaving. Poor kid. Tucker says his tummy hurts. He's fever free so he may just want to get out of school. He's in his bed. We'll see how much fun his sick day is. I'm hoping to take him later. Jared isn't feeling well either. He's the WORST patient. No fever, just the upset stomach. I have to feel better! I've got SO much to do today. I'm already missing our swim class this morning. I feel it's not a great idea to go to class with a bunch of toddlers when I've got a fever. I'm hoping to feel better later as I have an IEP for Tucker that I HAVE to go to. Man, cooties suck!

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Amie said...

Oh man, I sure hope everybody is feeling better now! Sickness is a huge challenge for a mom of a large family. Ugh.