"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato



Note to self: You're officially too old to go on the trampoline with your kids.
For those of you with young boys, I won't tell you exactly what it is Jon did. I don't want to scare you! Your boys will be pulling such stunts soon enough. As a mom, it's sometimes just easier NOT to know. But, last night, Jon did it with ME on the trampoline. I was going down, he was bouncing up, and that's when it happened. CRASH! I think he bruised my tailbone! He felt terrible for hurting me but you could tell he still thought his stunt was awfully cool! OUCH!


Anonymous said...

I hear ya on this post. I went on ours, and could hardly breathe after a few jumps...plus I totally pee myself....darn pregnancies. LOL

Tracey said...

Trampolines... so fun, but sooooo injury prone. Hope you're ok!