"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Also at the game

Jake and Tucker had found some sticks they were playing with. They weren't fighting with them as you'd expect but they were jumping and hitting leaves off a tree. I saw nothing wrong with it, they were way off behind all the people who were watching the game. Some potato shaped lady saw fit to say something to them though. I cannot imagine what made her think it was ok to do so. Next thing I know, this giant spud of a woman was yelling, "Does anyone know whose boys these are?!?!?!"
"Yes, they're mine"
"Well you might want to do something, they are playing with sticks and being EXTREMELY disrespectful to me"
"They're playing way over there and they're not fighting or anything, they're being fine"
"Well, MY little ones are over there and somebody COULD get hurt! When I said something to your son, he was VERY rude to me."
At this point I'm thinking, "Lady, you get what you deserve!" If she talked half as rudely to him as she was yelling at me, I don't blame him.
Next thing I know, Jared is over by Jake trying to wrench the stick out of his hands (Jared doesn't always handle things the way I would) and while Jared is doing this, I've got not just Ms. Potatohead but another woman in a tight, sausage casing of a flowered skirt, yelling at me!?!
I said," Can you see we're handling it?! Why don't you just simmer down and let us take care of it?"
I was SO pissed off. My kids were playing nicely. Jake would NEVER hurt a little one (who wasn't his brother!) If she was so concerned about the safety of her little one (maybe 2ish) she should have removed him. He was about 30 feet away from her off to the back! ALSO, had she respectfully requested that Jake and Tucker play farther away with the sticks, they certainly would have been respectful and done so. NO, instead, she told Jake "why don't you put that stick down before you kill someone with it. I know who your mother is and I'm going to tell her on you. I am going to go get security and you're going to be in trouble." Now tell me......in your opinion....should a kid treat a disrespectful adult with the utmost of respect? All Jake told her was, "you're not my parent and my mom doesn't want me talking to strangers" I'm sorry but I think you get what you earn and being bigger and older does not equal instant respect. As far as I'm concerned, Jake was more respectful to her than she was to him.

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