"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato



We went to Jon's football game yesterday and as usual Tanner wanted to spend all his time at the playground rather than watching the game (who can blame him...he's only 5) I know, I know, he has pink eye but he was only playing with HIS brothers and he'd already had several doses of his antibiotic eye drops. I was able to see the playground from our seats on the sidelines so I thought nothing of it. PLUS, he's been doing this for a couple of seasons and knows to check in with us. Well, yesterday was a bit different. Somehow, a little kid became very attached to Tanner. Maybe 3ish. Jake and Tucker came over to our seats and said Tanner was on his way. I saw Tanner walking with this kid. Boy or girl, I'm not sure. I thought boy but he had longish hair and Tanner is convinced it was a girl. Anyhoo, they were walking on the sidewalk right behind our seats. Then Jared arrived so I was talking to him for a minute. Next thing I know, I'm scanning the crowd and see NO TANNER! Jake ran over to the playground to check. No Tanner! My mom went in one direction and Jared went in the other and I stayed put with Brennen in case he should meander back. He was gone for at least 15 minutes. If you've ever lost sight of your child, you know the panic that sets in....the cold sweat, wanting to vomit, the what ifs that go through your head. It was terrible. My mom talked to the snack bar people and they were going to get the word out. I sent Jake and Tucker down the sidewalk to look with strict orders to come back within 5 minutes. They went running at full speed. (they were worried but would probably NEVER admit it) Finally, I see him. I ran down the walkway to him and was so relieved. While looking, Jake had found the other kids dad and told him and he had been looking too. Well, Jake was trying to get the other kid to his/her dad and the kid was hitting and kicking Jake, trying to run from the dad. What a little brat! Turns out that while Tanner and said kid were walking, the kid was running off ahead and Tanner couldn't get him to stop. Tanner didn't want to leave the kid but the kid wouldn't stop or come back so he kept following. Tanner tells me he was crying the whole time because he knew he was way to far. Needless to say, he sat right by me for the remainder of the game.

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