"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


2 wheelin it!

This past weekend, the guys and I took Tanner to the park to try to teach him how to ride his bike. We live on a hill so there's no opportunity to learn around home. It is SO frustrating to try to teach this skill. He was getting so upset, telling me I was doing it wrong! (No offense buddy but I can ride a bike and you cannot!) The guys were perfect little cheerleaders (once I convinced them that all I needed was them to encourage Tanner) Jon was a real trooper, running back and forth with Tanner so I could get some shots. See the look of pride on Tanner's face below? He was SO excited to finally get it. He crashed shortly afterwards. 2 skinned knees and 1 bruise on his hand. It was catastrophic (to him) Next weekend, maybe we'll teach him how to start and stop on his own. Any pointers would be appreciated since I've not taught this before.
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