"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Get this....

I opened my phone bill today. I never really even look at it since I've set up automatic payments (probably shouldn't NOT look at it but I'm a bit busy) I happened to look it over today and noticed a charge for $13.66 for enhanced billing services. Wondering what this could be, I decided to look at the bill a little more closely. I found this charge was for voicexpress voicemail service. Not something I ever asked for or even something I realized I had. Certainly not something I need since we already have an answering machine! So, I called the number and talked to somebody who tells me this....
"This feature was activated via the internet by somebody named Ryan Foster. Is this someone authorized to make changes to this account?"

"UM....NO! This is our neighbor....our EX neighbor who doesn't even actually LIVE in California anymore. Oh, and he's 11!!!!"

"Well, we will certainly close down this account and reverse the charges. It may take up to 2 billing sessions to receive the credit. We will be crediting you for the November bill, and the October bill, the September bill, the August bill, the July bill, the June bill, the May bill, and the April bill. Your total credit will be $103."

After I scooped my jaw up off the ground I asked them how, in this day and age where I can't even get information or questions answered on bills that are in Jared's name....How could our 11 yr old former neighbor set this up under OUR phone number? I can't even imagine WHY they didn't catch on to the fact that he's not an authorized person on this account! I mean, of course I could see how they didn't know he was at least 18 but Geesh, he gave his name and they didn't even question it! You can bet your butt I'll be looking over these bills from now on!


andria said...

That is so weird!

Why in the world would the neighbor boy be screwing with your phone line? Odd.

I am glad you checked and are getting that money back.

Amie said...

Weird! A nice sized credit though!

Melissa said...

I can't believe they did that. Good thing you caught on and they are fixing the problem. It's scary that things like that can actually happen.