"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


President's Day holiday....or, sheer torture for mothers of multiple boys.

So the kids are off of school today. Oh joy! They are super excited, having had an extra day to sleep in. I am less than thrilled. Jared has NO idea how lucky he is getting to go to work. I know he hates it when I say it like that but, seriously, his day is set by him and him alone. I understand he does have an occasional emergency that needs immediate attention but it's nothing like the war zone I live and work in. My days consist of getting 5 wild boys to "please, for the love of GOD....behave" I consider it a good day if my 5 year old hasn't blurted out some four letter word or another in a public place. In all seriousness, while I love my boys more than life itself, they do have the tendency to drive me absolutely INSANE! They have that down to a fine art and can accomplish it in less than a minute. When they aren't fighting, they're ignoring my requests to do something or other that they really should be responsible for. Tanner has the vocab of a seasoned sailor which has embarrassed me on many more than one occasion and Tucker cries more than any hormonal girl I know. And lucky me, I get to spend the. whole. day......with them! I sometimes wonder what I did to deserve such wild animals. I'm a good person, really! I think I should have some good karma coming my way. I sure hope I'm strong enough to last the day! I mean, hey, it's only 10:20 and I'm already hiding down here at my computer! This does not look promising......

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Dawn said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean! lol! Hope you made it through the day in one piece.