"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Way to go Jon!

My oldest boy, Jon, has always been a numbers kind of guy....even from the time he first learned to count, he's LOVED numbers. He used to count EVERYTHING! People in a room, words on a page, cars on the road....everything. He's also very analytically minded so math comes very naturally to him. He's usually just skated through his math classes with no problems, doesn't even need to study to pull great grades....that is, until this year! MY gosh, I don't know what's happened but he's been having a lousy year in honors algebra. He's never failed a class before now! His teacher is so awesome though and called me to say she really believes in him and she was choosing NOT to drop him from her class (she really should have) She told me that she was putting him on probation and he was to show her his homework (daily instead of at the end of each chapter) and he had to get a C or better on the first test. Well, he did it! Not only did he do it but he excelled! He just called me from his after school club to tell me that he got a really high B on his test. He is SO excited! I am so proud of him!


Norm & Debra said...

tell him we say congrats!

we were looking at the pictures in the previous post and both noticed that your boys have jared's eyes. Cute kids!!

Tracey said...

Good for him! I remember school, and I was also really intelligent. Everything was super easy through grade school and junior high, so by the time high school began, I had ZILCH in study habits.