"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Highlights of our spring break....

You're all aware it's been a bummer week but let me think back and try to see that silver lining....yes, I AM that kind of person. (I swear I am, even though I sometimes sound all snarky and cynical here)

- I got a BUNCH of seed started! We are going to attempt to plant a garden this year. Veggies AND flowers. I am SO excited! I hope I can come up with something to deter my dumb dogs from lazing in my planters though, otherwise, they may just have to live elsewhere! They tend to dig up my flowers. every. single. year! Precious pups! If all goes well, we will have fresh corn (3 varieties) Heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers (for pickle makin) zucchini, broccoli, spinach, pumpkins, watermelon, squash, beans, carrots, and MAMMOTH sunflowers!

- I managed to get BOTH boys to karate class. Only one time each when they're really supposed to go at least twice. BUT, they've been doing karate on each other all week so I'm counting that on their homework sheets!

- I planted my bulbs in my yard....again, beware dogs!

- The boys got cute haircuts! Not Brennen though....you typically need hair to get it cut!

- Brennen got another paycheck! He's on his way to his first million!

-I took tons of adorable pictures of my crew. They look so innocent in photos....

- We watched some great movies

- We had a sit down family dinner EVERY NIGHT! I love this but we are usually SO busy!

-I finished a great book from the library. Patricia Cornwell's Book of the Dead. Not everyone's cup of tea but I dig her.

- I managed to have everyone home for the majority of the week and my house is STILL standing!

- Peepers, our littlest hen, laid her first egg! Make the OK sign with your hand, yep, it's about that big! Perfect size for breakfast for Brennen!

So, the break did have some good things going on.....but I'm still happy they're going back on Monday! WHEW!

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Jennifer&Derrick said...

still sounds like you got a ton accomplishment between sickies and bored little boys!:)

I still cannnot believe that you look after chickens and dogs on top of your handful of children. The Lord has definitely chosen the right multitasker to do his good works!