"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


So sleepy

Brennen is still sick! He had a fever of over 104 yesterday! I SO hate it when my babies are sick. I mean, the big boys can at least sort of understand why they're feeling crummy but not the little ones. He's been a real trooper though....not complaining much. The big boys, on the other hand, are complaining up a storm. They are so indignant that THEIR spring break has been spoiled by sickies. Like it's a real party to be sick..... I've been getting little to no sleep still. Last night was night #4 of sleeplessness. I did get a bit of uncomfortable sleep in between all the flopping and head butting. All you out there who have had a sick child know the kind of sleep I got....when they FINALLY fall asleep, you're afraid to move so YOU fall asleep in some cockamamie position, only to wake up hours later to feel EVERY SINGLE YEAR of your actual age. UGH, I need a masseuse! Luckily, I'm not sick yet! A bit of a sore throat though....let's hope that's as far as it goes.

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andria said...

Poor guy!

My kids were sick throughout most of our spring break as well. Jacob is pushing for some day off this week to make up for his bummer of a time.

Hope he's better real soon.