"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Bad mom of the year....over here!

Yesterday was a busy, sports filled day. I knew it would be and since both Tucker and Tanner were feeling less than perfect, we did NO sports activities on Friday in order to rest up. Tanner's game was at 10 and Tucker came along. All morning Tucker was moaning and groaning about an upset stomach. He's got a cold and a really stuffy nose which helped his ear infection along. I just told him that since his nose was so stuffy, he probably just needed a little something in his stomach to offset the snot running down the back of his throat. I know, lovely thought but we all know what THAT'S like. You feel pukey! Tucker didn't want to eat. Tanner was GREAT at his game. He even got the game ball and was SO excited about that. "Look Mom, I got the game ball, the coaches said I listened A LOT!" I asked him how that felt and he was just beaming. Tucker on the other hand, still refusing to even nibble on a bit of crackers, threw up a tiny bit. He had no fever though and he felt better after. I told him that he needed to eat something so he did have a couple bites of a doughnut and a few sips of sprite to settle his stomach. I did tell him that he was going to his karate tournament because his team was counting on him and he was not really sick. I'm sure you see where this is going... He went to his tournament and did ok. It was, after all, his first tournament and being an anxious guy anyway, I knew that was helping the tummy troubles. He still had no fever and was doing much better. He had to stay then for team sparring. This is where he basically fights another kid. He didn't want to do it and I told him he could go home now but that meant he needed to be in bed, resting. He didn't want to do that at all! He ended up staying and seeing it through. He did an awesome job! He beat 3 kids who were all more advanced belts than him. He was really excited after that. I figured he must have been more nervous than anything. We got home and he actually just laid around but he did eat a good dinner. Later on, he felt sort of warm and when I took his temp, he had a low grade fever....LOVELY! And then, to top it all off, at around 9pm, he sat up and asked for a bucket or a pitcher or something and before I could get it to him, WAMMO, my hard wood floors were covered. Yep, I sent my kid to his karate tournament and made him fight other kids and then he WAS sick and throwing up. I've gotta win SOMETHING for that! I'm gonna go upstairs now......hopefully he's better! Jared stayed with him last night. Hey, if I get sick like that, we're ALL done for!

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Amie said...

It could of easily been nerves, I would of probably thought that too.