"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato



Brennen was playing in his Jeep this afternoon while Jared was trying to charge it up for him. Brennen was standing in his Jeep and Mack (our dog) came over and licked him. This caught him off guard and he lost his balance and toppled out of the Jeep.....right on to the cement. Of course, being a boy, he led with his head! Jared brought him inside and I could hear him sort of whimpering from the stairway. I asked Jared if he broke my boy and he told me that he had fallen. When he came up the stairs he asked me....."Can you see that little bump on his head?" UH, yeah! It's fricken HUGE! Poor boy!

He still seems happy enough, especially since he got an extra long, extra bubbly bath after dinner. Still though, that sure looks painful!
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Melissa said...

Ugh, bumps like that make me so sad. My boys and girls have had those before. Painful things! Mostly my boys because well...they're boys!

Amie said...

Ouch is right! Looks like he forgot about it already.

Leslie said...

ohhh... that looks sore!!

Looks like he forgot about it though!

Norm & Debra said...

Canaan got one of those when he was about 10 months... They look so sad with those, but they sure do recover fast!! =)