"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


What's happenin?

Summer is more than half over! WOOhOOO! What have you all been up to? It's been a busy time here but I feel like I've been doing next to nothing......
Jon just returned from ANOTHER boy scout camp. He had a great time and even rode horses. If you know Jon, you'll know how funny that is to picture. He seemed to really enjoy it and is now pleading his case for getting a horse! Like I have the time or money for a hobby like that! He's been "dating" a girl....Dani. He says she may be "the one" It's so cute because I remember being seriously in love with Doug Pochard when I was about his age. Honestly, the love didn't last and I've no idea what ever became of him. I can't imagine that Jon will marry Dani since they are going to rival high schools and all but you never know. My cousin married her high school sweetheart....they NEVER dated anyone but each other!

Jake is still somewhat of a train wreck. His "blowouts" are more frequent than ever before and he's just downright nasty a lot of the time. I took him to see a new doc and she asked if he was ever tested for Autism! I will be having a phone appointment Wednesday as a first step for that testing. After looking up info online, I have to say, I wouldn't be surprised if they say he has Asperger's. I have been searching for answers for SO many years that I'd love to have something concrete as a starting point. So, please pray that the docs can tell me SOMETHING!

Tucker had his first sleepover this Sunday! Yes, he IS 10 but he's always been so nervous that I've never really pushed the issue. It was so cute when I dropped him off. His buddies ran out the door to meet him...."TUCKER'S here!" He had THE biggest grin on his face. He ended up having a fabulous time. I'm so proud of him.

Tanner's been looking for trouble as usual. Man, oh man! The things that this kid comes up with.....He never ceases to amaze me. I think he must've changed his clothes at least 4 times yesterday! I really think Dennis the Menace is a true story....based on Tanner! But, gosh, he sure is cute. I think that may be his one saving grace.

Brennen is just more and more of a big boy every day. He's become quite a biter lately. He's teething and all....Now though, when I tell him that it hurts me, he kisses the spot he's just bitten. Because, well you know, Mommy always kisses boo boos so that's just how you do it. He was having some problem with his ear last week. I took him to the Dr. and he didn't have an ear infection but it was obviously very uncomfortable. I couldn't even touch the outer part of his right ear without him looking as though I just shocked him. We got some drops and he's now all better! He's even been sleeping through the night for the last 3 nights! This is SO wonderful because I was getting really grouchy for a second there..... I guess the teeth have all poked through and now that the ear's better, he's good to go. Sleep is an awesome thing!

Nothing too fun planned this week. We may have to hit Great America one day. I'm throwing my brother's fiance a Bridal Shower on Saturday. Never done that before but I think it's all coming together nicely. We'll be off to Lake Tahoe soon enough too! Can't wait for that! Of course it's a forced vacation as our house is being tented for termites. BUT, the kids are SUPER excited. We didn't go at all last year!


Melissa said...

Wow, you have been busy. I've just been into pictures while the kids play and enjoy the warm air before the snow falls again. There is a site you should look at regarding aspergers www.askidsarecool.com You could probably find some great information there and talk with other parents who have AS kids or kids with possible AS/Autism.

Also, thanks for the compliments on my photo blog. I can't wait to see this picture you're talking about. I'll be checking my email daily! :D

angie said...

How nice of you to throw a shower for your future SIL. My kids would KILL to get to go to Great America! :)

4funboys said...

I just go home from my son's football practice. Sitting across from me... my high school "love of my life"...

and I STILL cringe every time I see him.

OH... those first loves are killers!

Elisabeth said...

It`s funny to read about your boys. How old are they?
I hope you get your answers about Jake very soon.

Elisabeth said...

Hi again!

To translate my Blog, look to the right under the watch.

Push the willow to the right for "velg språk" and choose Engelsk/english.

I hope to hear from you again.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, "the one" huh? Wow, I don't think I've ever heard a young boy like that say anything like Jon did. Most are embarassed that they have girl friends. Well, at least he's honest! :)