"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


balance, bonk, blood, and butterfly

I know the title of this post is somewhat confusing....allow me to explain. About 45 minutes ago, my mom was at my place and Tanner was hanging outside with us. Jared suggested that Tanner show Grandma what an awesome job he does balancing on his little scooter. Tanner was SO excited to show off and he was zipping around the driveway like a madman. UNTIL he hit the cooler that was beside our house. The scooter stopped suddenly. Tanner did not. AND he didn't have a helmet on since he was just going to show us "real quick" Well, his head bonked the cement and the blood was a-flowin! If you've ever had a head laceration or seen someone who has, you know that it bleeds like a son of a gun. Jared had the mother of all delayed reactions to the injury. I seriously wanted to fire him from his job as dad. I ran over to Tanner and grabbed his little bleeding head in my hand. I was doing my best to cover the wound and keep him from seeing the blood because....well, that's traumatic when you're 6. We calmly went into the house and I instructed Jared to get the red towel and get it wet. He comes running out like a maniac with one of my new white towels. NOT what I told him to do. at. all! SO, I told him once again....I need the RED towel please....QUICKLY! He got it for me but I'm not quite sure if he ever understood WHY I wanted the red one. It had nothing to do with laundry and everything to do with NOT freaking out the patient. After about 4 trips up and down the stairs, Jon finally managed to bring me my first aid box that held the butterfly bandages. I swear, in the first 3 trips, he brought me everything but the kitchen sink. My men are NO good in a crisis. They run around like chickens with their heads cut off. So, we got Tanner cleaned up, a butterfly bandage on his head with a cool Spiderman bandaid over it. He's been lounging on my bed watching a Spiderman dvd ever since. Of course I've been watching him like a hawk ever since. We can't have him falling asleep or anything. He seems fine but man, he sure scared me! And yes, we discussed how if he had a helmet on, this would not have happened.


Hannah said...

Ouch! Poor Tanner!
I totally understood why you asked for the red towel (before you explained that it was so Tanner wouldn't see blood). Men are so "huh? what?" sometimes!
Thanks for the reminder about always wearing helmets, even when you're just around home.

Annie said...

Oh dear....

Your BRAND NEW WHITE towel? That would of been a disaster! Seriously!

I hope little Tanner is a-okay!Did he cry?

I am Boymom said...

OWWEEEE!! We've had more than our share of injuries here too, my Little man sounds like Tanner. The kid can invent ways to get into trouble that a rocket scientist couldn't explain! The white towe thing...I do not own one anymore that is still white. I quit trying.