"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Forced vacation

I am going on a forced vacation tomorrow night. Not that I'm not looking forward to it. I am. I know it'll be fun. BUT, it's always a lot of work.....for the mom anyway. Sometimes it sucks to be the mom. Anyhow, I call it a forced vacation because I more than likely wouldn't be going anywhere if my house wasn't getting tented for termites. YUCK, I know! As I've said before, we rent from my folks and we all live on the same property. My dad is getting both houses tented so unless I want to shell out major (don't have) bucks to take the kids to a hotel for several days, I must go to Tahoe. My mom and dad have a condo there and my mom was going to be going anyway. She always invites us along so we are heading to Tahoe tomorrow night. Jared's not going being that he has to work and all......he'll be staying at my brother's house. I'm really looking forward to the time with just my boys though because Jared's been topping my Sh*t list for about a week now and I can really use the time away. This trip has been drastically altered though by Tanner getting staples in his head. I had invisioned a lovely time, lounging poolside, playing cards or reading while the older 4 swam and the baby napped. Now that picture is more like me and Tanner battling it out with games of War or Go Fish! So much for the dream. I think I'll still have me a bottle of some sort in my hand though......
If I knew how to do scheduled posts, I might attempt to write a few but my computer skills are shoddy at best. I'll consider myself lucky if this post even manages to make it on my blog...... Ok, maybe that's overdoing it a bit. I better run, I have TONS of food and stuff that must be packed up in order to get the termiting stuff done......WHAT A HUGE ORDEAL! I think I'll just take a lot of it to Tahoe though because then I don't have to buy as much there...... Still though...not looking forward to the chores ahead of me!


Adelaine said...

Aww I can understand :( Why is it that the responsibility for all the preparations fall on the Mom? I stress out big time before any trip we take. The Coach and I just took a night away and man, when I just pack for myself - it took me like 5 minutes!!!

Well, try and make the best of it!

andria said...

I want to go to Tahoe.

But without children and for free so that I could really enjoy it.

Your night with the stitches might have sent me over the edge. We haven't done stitches yet and knock on wood it will be a while and be in the day time.

Jen said...

That doesn't sound fun. Good luck.
Wow, five boys! I don't know what to do with my 3 plus one girl.
Thanks for coming by the other day.
a fellow SITSta.

angie said...

Hope it's better than you anticipated. :) To schedule posts click post options at the bottom of the post and change the date to when you want it posted. Then click publish and it'll show up as scheduled.

kristen said...

LURVED reading your blog. I'm a mum to 4 boys in Australia. Hope to read more soon. Is 5 it or are there goign to be more ??