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a few wedding shots

My baby brother got married last Sunday! Here are a few shots....

Me with my biggest (Jon) and littlest (Brennen) princes! Aren't they just so freakin cute? Brennen was dressed in MY brothers outfit (my brother Brennen passed away at 23 mos.)

This is my little sister Becca with Tucker the handsome devil!

The newly married couple! Aren't they beautiful!
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blessedwith5 said...

Beautiful pictures. The wedding couple are gorgeous!


Melissa said...

I agree, a beautiful couple.
I had no idea about your baby brother Brennen. I guess I had assumed when you spoke briefly of him before when your Brennen was born. What a sweet idea to wear his outfit. Makes me teary eyed. So sorry to hear of his death at such a young age too. Was he the youngest in your family?

I am Boymom said...

What great pics! Weddings are so fun. i love that you dressed Brennen in your baby brother's suit. What a wonderful way to honor him.

Amie said...

Gorgeous pictures!

I love the little bit of red in her wedding gown.