"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


Teenagers! UGH!

So, Jon is apparently a very fragile child. He's "playing" Freshman Football this year which is super exciting.....or would be if he were actually playing! He's had injuries up the wazoo already and they've only had 2 official games. It all started back in August when he hurt his leg. I guess he got tackled wrong or something. $70 later, we left minor injury with instructions to rest it for a bit. Not too long after that, he injured his ankle. Another $70 visit later, we left with instructions to rest it for a week, wear this splint and here's a note to get you out of football and PE. He wanted to quit football at that point. Being that we had already spent nearly $300 to play football and then $140 to treat the injuries to date, I told him he needed to give himself a chance to heal. He went to practices and then returned to the field a week later. The following week (last week) he injured his shoulder! Seriously, is he made of glass?!?! SO, ANOTHER $70 later we find it's another sprain (shoulder, not ankle this time) and he's out now for 10-14 days. Well, he REINJURED the shoulder today! I guess some boy ran into him and he fell. He wasn't even doing anything! So, who knows if he's ever going to actually play. He's driving me crazy with attitude too. Yesterday, he felt it was too hot for him to go and watch practice like he had told me he was going to do. He called me several times on my cell (6 to be exact!) When he couldn't get ahold of me (I was in a meeting with Tucker's teacher) he left me a voicemail. "Mom, I need you to come and get me. It's too hot for me to go to practice, especially since I can't even practice. I've been trying to call you but can't get ahold of you. My shoulder is also really hurting me. Call me as SOON as you get this message. So, yeah, ok.....BYE (bitch)

Huh? Did I hear that right? Was he talking to me? It wasn't loud like the rest of the message.....
After listening several more times, I came to the conclusion that he WAS saying it about me but he thought he had hung up already! Oh, I was FURIOUS!

His explanation.....He was really angry because he couldn't reach me and he can ALWAYS reach me. I told him that if anything like that EVER happens again, his butt is MINE!

I do too much for that kid for him to even THINK things like that. Man, teenagers sort of suck!


andria said...


Wish I could pour you a glass of wine over that one.

Sadly, I see this happening to me much sooner than ninth grade.

Amie said...

OMG!! I don't even know what to say to that.

GingerJar said...

Haaa! It's only funny because you caught him. My youngest broke his thumb doing coordination exercises in football practice...what can I say he was a klutz. Then last game he didn't catch the football. Well seems like the coach forgot he was BLIND and playing without his glasses. He did fine tackeling because all he had to do was pick out a uniform not their color. LOL. I linked from insane mamma to see your halloween story.