"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


and so begins another week......

This weekend was a chaotic mess and I'm more than happy to get back to the ebb and flow of the school week. I would say that my children were in rare form this weekend but that would be a lie. My children were very much themselves. SO much so that I cancelled the "Family Fun" event that we were to participate in at my mother in law's house. I just couldn't fathom rewarding them with a fun filled day when they were having to be pulled off of each other all morning. I mean, they started out fighting and then it just went downhill from there. SO, we didn't do the fun day. Instead, we sat home....cleaning, having time outs, just generally being unhappy. Someday, I think my kids will understand that their behavior is just not ok.

Anywho, we are starting another week and we're not off to a great start. Tucker forgot his viola so I will have to run that to school....or maybe not. Maybe he just needs to learn his lesson the hard way. I haven't decided just yet.

Tanner is HOME from school already. He did go but I got a call saying he wasn't feeling well. He's fever free but is sort of pale. Not sure what's going on with him but he's very teary over the possibility of not feeling well enough to go on his field trip tomorrow.

Brennen is being his normal self which is good and bad. Some of you will be happy to hear that he is NOT a perfect child after all. I know, I know, but he looks SO perfect. Let me tell you, he'll be 2 in a couple of months and you sure can tell. He's getting a bit of an independent streak! He's still very good though and seriously, so dang cute!

Jake had minimum days all week last week so this week will be a bit easier. I finally managed to find all the pieces for his costume and he's going to look fabulous! I'm not going to give away what he's being....but I CAN say that I managed to find all the pieces of his outfit at secondhand stores. SCORE!

Jon is Jon. Never really gives me any troubles. He figured out what he wants to be for Halloween and we picked up his stuff secondhand as well. SO MUCH CHEAPER! PLUS, I like to have my kids costumes be original, even if the idea is not. I hate seeing all the store bought costumes out there.....where's the imagination?!

That's all for now.....

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Megan said...

We must be on the same vibe. This week is not starting well. I hope yours gets better soon!