"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato



I feel I must take a moment to say how AWESOME the SITS blogathon was. I am STILL getting comments from people who are just reading my blog for the first time. It's so cool to be able to connect with so many people, especially when I find I have lots in common with some. THANK YOU, THANK YOU Heather and Tiffany for putting on such an AWESOME blogathon! If you commented on my blog and I haven't managed to get by yours yet, never fear....I am making my rounds. It's just the, I don't know, 5 boys! that seem to cut into my prime blogging time. As I sit here and type this, my little guy is happily unrolling an entire toilet paper roll. I'll let him, because I want to finish my post! Hey, whatever makes him happy! PLUS, I know all I have to do is begin the clean up song and he's right there helping pick up! Cool, huh? I doubt that'll last TOO long! Anywhoo, thanks to all for putting a comment on my blog and a smile on my face! You ladies ROCK!


Jennifer said...

your little man reminds me of my 18month old. She is always unrolling the toilet paper! Whatever floats their boat!:)

Beth Anne said...

Oh I remember those days that the cleanup song worked...lol! I think I should try that with my kids today just to watch the expressions on their faces. :)

angie said...

I'm glad I found you BEFORE yesterday...or rather Tuesday! :)

Bethany said...

Hi! I found you through SITS too and your title of "many boys" caught my eye.
I have four boys, with mostly likely a fifth on the way. ;) I don't know yet, but I'm pretty sure I know what I saw on the ultrasound. haha

Anyway, it's nice to see/read about another mom of many boys!


Mrs. S said...

I need a clean up song. How old do kids beginning cleaning/picking up? Moose doesn't get it.

Dawn said...

Hmmm. I popped into the SITS site once or twice. Maybe I will have to check it out a bit more. Sounds like you're really liking it.

Amy Kay said...

Thanks for checking out my blog during the blog-a-thon. Sorry I am late giving back the comment love. My life just gets away from me at times. I too enjoy meeting other mom's with boys. Have a great friday!
Hugs, Amy ;)

Honey Mommy said...


I only have two boys and I run out of blogging time! I have no idea how you do it with 5... then again I supposed some of them are in school!