"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato



Tanner and Brennen seem to have some sort of bug. Different though, than each other. Fun, you say? Not really! Tanner had come home early Monday but had no fever, just a bit of a tummy ache which seemed to resolve itself rather quickly. He went back to school yesterday and even went to karate after school with no complaints. Last night, shortly after dinner, he started complaining of a sore throat saying it really hurt to swallow. We gave him a popsicle (don't tell the brothers!) and it seemed to help a bit. About an hour later though he was in tears and could not be consoled. I checked his throat and it was pretty red so I got on the phone to book an appointment to rule out Strep Throat as that is something I don't want to mess with at all. (again)

Brennen has been waking every morning with a horrible cough for about a week or so. I'm pretty sure it's just from his allergies (yes, lucky boy! He's got em too!) Last night though, he woke up at 2 and just couldn't get comfy after that. I brought him into our bed where he tossed and turned all night long. Around 5, he was begging for juice so I got up and got him some water. I couldn't have pried that cup out of his hands if I had wanted to. The poor kid was SO thirsty. Right at I was FINALLY getting to doze off a bit (because, you KNOW I was awake since 2) I heard it, that wretched retching sound....the one mothers everywhere abhor. He was throwing up. In MY bed. I jumped out of bed, grabbed the cord of my bedside lamp to turn it on and couldn't manage to get it on! I kept turning the dial and on.off....on.off....giving the whole scene a somewhat strobe light effect. I finally managed to keep the light on and I whisked the baby into the bathroom to clean him up and strip him down. Of course he was throwing up all over me on the way to the bathroom. (Yes, a mother's job is QUITE glamorous!) Jared woke up long enough to strip the sheets off (gee, thanks) But poor Brennen did not stop throwing up until well after 10! I felt SO bad for him. He just lay there, limp and whimpering. Every time I made eye contact with him he would moan, "juice" Heck no! I wasn't falling for that again! I felt SO bad. It was obvious from looking at his pale little lips that the poor guy was parched. He only made me feel worse when he kept licking them and making a sour face. Fortunately, he seems to be feeling better. He's been happily sucking down grape Pedialyte for about an hour and his fever is gone.

I, on the other hand, am completely wiped out! Oh, and get this.....after his few minutes of helpfulness, Jared fell back to sleep and even got to sleep in! WOW! Sometimes I just wish I was the dad.....


Ruby Red Slippers said...

I hear you! How can they roll over and go back to sleep, while I keep one ear open and jump at every sound when someone is sick? Dead? Dehydrated? Are they calling my name, but I can't hear them??...Hope you get some rest!!

~Sheila~ said...

I know what you mean. I am always the one to have to deal with the sick kids in the middle of the night. But then again...I'm not sure I could trust Angel to take care of them like I would.

Then men seem to get the easy job.