"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


A baby no more!

As you can plainly see from his various injuries, Brennen truly is a big boy now....no longer a baby. This makes me extremely sad.

If you look closely at his forehead you will see not one but TWO bruises. The faint yellowish one on the left was from taking a fast ride on a kitchen chair as it went down. That happened on Tuesday, the day before we were scheduled to take a first ever family (of 7) picture. Needless to say, I rescheduled. Then yesterday he decided to take a header on the cement outside the movie theater. That one looks really sore, all nice and purplish. I'm not sure WHAT happened with the eye. You'll notice the red under his eye on the right. Yeah, that happened this morning....not sure how. He's such a tough guy he really doesn't cry much when he gets these boo boos.

This here lovely bruise happened on that chair ride. Not sure HOW but it showed up the next day.

These painful looking scratches he got this morning when he dropped a giant shell down his leg. He's been kissing it incessantly which seems to help.

Man, if this is what he's like BEFORE he's even two, I better be prepared for MANY ER visits with him. Keep in mind that he's already broken his arm too! At least he's easy going and doesn't tend to complain about it much! This kid has NO fear and is quite the climber and jumper. Bring on the gray hairs!
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Mrs. S said...

I hear ya! Moose has already had black eyes and a small gash in his head. He's a klutz, like his daddy. ha

Ruby Red Slippers said...

my two year old is a mess! (I think he's trying to keep up with his older bros. and can't!)

Kristin said...

I have one like that. Hope he is boo boo free soon.

SWIRL said...

boys are so tough!
What a little man.

Tracey said...

He's still gorgeous, though!

April said...

poor baby! errr, i mean, big guy!!! :-)