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What a whirlwind of activity this week has been! It started off rather awesomely with me being the SITS Featured Blogger! If you don't know what that is, see the Secret is in the Sauce button on my sidebar. FABULOUS group! Tuesday I had Tucker's IEP. It went really well in my opinion and we are coming up with some good strategies to help him make the most of his schooling. He tends to be a very hands on kid so sitting still, at a desk, and learning quitely is somewhat difficult for him. On Wednesday I had Jake's IEP. That went REALLY well! Jake is ready to transition back to regular public ed school! He will be starting at the local middle school on DECEMBER 1ST! WOW! He will have 2 periods there to start and we will gradually add more, extending his day at public ed while decreasing his day at his Special Day Treatment facility. He got glowing reviews from his teachers and therapists and the director actually got a bit choked up just thinking about Jake leaving them. It was really cool. He is a SO happy. We celebrated last night with grape cider and watched Iron Man. It was fun. Today I had the last of the school meetings (YEAH!) Tanner is doing really well for the most part. He too is the kind of boy who just can't sit still though so that is a struggle for him. I don't know if I mentioned before that I am having him tested for ADHD. I'm pretty sure he qualifies. If you've ever seen Dennis the Menace, you know my son Tanner! Tonight Jon has his ceremony for Brownsea (boy scouts) He did the leadership training over the summer and he is getting some extra recognition for completing additional tasks on his own. I'm very proud of him! I just wish he would act more like a good role model at home with his brothers! Don't get me wrong, he's a great kid and we have a really good relationship....he just tends to be short tempered with brothers and Dad. Could be a teenage thing but I'm not crazy about it. Tomorrow, Tucker and Tanner have no school so we're going to go see Bolt. They're pretty excited about that and honestly, the big guys couldn't care less if they miss it. Next week, poor Jake has school M-W but the others are all off.

How about you? Do your kids have school next week? Are you doing parent teacher conferences yet? Does it feel like Christmas is right around the corner? Are you AT ALL prepared for the holiday season?


Ruby Red Slippers said...

Our boys have school m-w, too. I am ready for Thanksgiving, NOT Christmas! I don't feel like decorating-my pumpkins are still out, and my storage room is a mess, so I gotta clean it to get to Christmas stuff. Fun. Exciting.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Adelaine said...

My kids have school m-w. I work at a university and the students there are out all week but I still have to put hours in. My house is not ready for Thanksgiving - it is dirty and cluttered. But it will get cleaned over the weekend. I am almost ready for Christmas as far as the buying goes. I'm not at all motivated to decorate though :(

Melissa said...

My kids have 1/2 days M-W then they are off the rest of the week. We had parent/teacher confs last month. I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner and although I don't have ANY shopping done I am still excited for it to be here. I LOVE the holiday seasons, especially Christmas. Bring on the Christmas music. I only wish it could last longer.

Carole said...

Kids have to go to school Mondy an tuesday but are off Wed-Fri. UGH!! As far as XMas goes yeah, nada done! Congrats on your meetings going so well. I had my PTC for my son and it went quite well. I didnt even cry...lol

Vikki said...

Looking forward to Thanksgiving and then Hello! Christmas. Can't believe it is this close. Then 4 days after Christmas my baby turns 3-so much going on!!

angie said...

My kids are only off Thursday and Friday and PTC were this week. It was interesting seeing how differently they do them in Oregon Vs. California.

Carole said...

PS check out my blog I want you to have a blog award!!

~Sheila~ said...

Yes, my kids only have school until Tuesday. My husband is going to be coming home on Monday and he will get to spend a crap load of quality time with them.

NO, no parent teacher conferences needed.

I soooo went and bought a tree yesterday (fake of course) and I really want to put it up today.

I think financially...I may be prepared for this season.

Becky said...

I know how that is trying to figure out how to help your kids and find what the problems could be. It was a long road for Jake, but this is the 1st year he is getting really good grades and positive about school. His road to figuring it all out was an IEP for a reading delay, so all the extra help at school that goes with that, medicine for his ADD (not hyperactive, but definitley can't hold attention), and maturity. I am so thankful and relieved that we found the combination he needed.
Matthew is my worry spot now. We have in in couseling and help at school. It is so hard to figure out their little minds. His I think is anger management and socail issues.
God love em. They are all beautiful kids, but it is so heartbreaking not knowing what to do to help them.
Your kids are so lucky to have such an involved and loving mom!