"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


nonstop talking....

Brennen's speech was already really amazing but lately, he's really taken off talking. He's speaking in full sentences and makes so much sense. It's scary how logically thinking he is....He may be more reasonable than all the others put together. Here are a few of our recent conversations and a funny story....

The other night, Brennen and I were sharing a bit of ice cream. He noticed rather quickly that a bit dripped on my sweatshirt....
"Jake, get a towel, Mommy's dripping!"
He was frantic for that dang towel. Jake asked, "what should I do?"
"Geesh, get the boy a towel!"
He did and Brennen went right to work rubbing that spot out!

Last night as we snuggled in my bed (yes, MY bed....don't ask!) Brennen (who has to wrap his arms around me somehow) leaned over and said, "I yuv you Mommy."
"You love me?"
"Yep! You a good boy."
"I'm a good boy?"
"ah, yeah"
"Oh, you're a good boy too honey"

Every morning when Brennen first wakes up and comes upstairs, he makes it a point to say hello to each and every brother....TOO cute!

Now for the story....it's a gross one.
Last night, Brennen came walking over to the couch, climbed up on my lap and proceeded to put something in his mouth. I wasn't really paying attention to what it was as the boys are always giving him treats. Well, when he started spitting it out and telling me it was yucky, I checked out what it was......
Note: Bunny poo does NOT taste as good as it looks!
Yes, I know, so gross! I gave him a huge glass of water to drink and brushed his teeth. So far, he's not too sick!


My Two Army Brats said...

How cute!

The conversation not the bunny poo! LOL

~Sheila~ said...

LOL...at least the bunny poo incident may not have a repeat performance.