"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


It's potty time

Now that the holiday craze is over, I've been really concentrating on potty training with Brennen. He's SO smart so it's been pretty easy so far. I find that it's far easier if I stay home most of the day while doing this. He's been using the toilet everyday and either running naked or wearing his undies. (He prefers naked) His undies are a bit big on him as he is tiny and still wearing 18-24 mos clothes. The smallest undies I've found are for size 2T-3T. So he's a bit saggy. Yesterday, for the first time, he actually told me several times that he had to go to the bathroom! Of course he likes to do this every 5-10 minutes but he goes a little bit every time! I'm so proud of him. I am sad though, because my baby is getting too big, too fast and Jared is still against having one more. So, mixed feelings here....BUT, he's got to grow up sometime. Hopefully his interest will continue and we can save a few bucks with not having to buy diapers or pull ups anymore.


Amie said...

Go Brennen!

I sure hope Sadie is easy to potty train. I am SO ready to be done with diapers.

I am Boymom said...

Whoo-hoo! While it is hard to let go of the "baby", a potty trained boy is sooo much nicer! Now you just have to make sure he learns how to aim! Mine are 7 and 9 and still can't seem to consistently hit the bowl. :(