"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


what a meatball!

As most of you know, Brennen is a real funny guy. Well, he definitely keeps me on my toes and rolling on the floor. Last night, he was just not ready for bed even though mommy was insisting that it was time. At one point, he started singing, "go to sleep, go to sleep..." When I took his cue and sang along with him, I got a bit told off! Yes, by a two year old. "Stop it Mommy! No singing!" Oh, ok, so that's how you are! Not long after that, he looked over at big brother Jon and yelled, "NO Jon, that MY blankie!" He was miffed at Jon, who DARED to cover up with BRENNEN'S blanket! Needless to say, Jon went cold rather than deal with the wrath of an angry small fry. Soon enough, I heard some muffled snoring coming from the lil firecracker. Sure enough, he was FAKE sleeping! I could not believe my ears, he was all balled up and cozy like he usually sleeps, only he was just pretending! And, the fake snoring? It was very well done! I told Jared, "Oh good, he's FINALLY asleep, now we can have ice cream" "Yeah, and candy," added Jared. Well, Brennen's lil head popped up so fast! Man, I was cracking up. Before he pulled the sleeping stunt, he was crying. I told him to stop crying and it was like he simply turned a switch off and stopped. I thought it was funny so I told him to cry again. He did, complete with red nose and crybaby face. Stop! He did. Cry! Stop! I swear, he's going to Hollywood someday because this kid is a great actor!

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