"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


still hanging on....

Tucker is still home from school. His throat is still hurting and he doesn't eat much. I do think he's going back Friday though. I know he desperately misses his friends. I'm just afraid to send him back too soon and have him running around (which he's NOT supposed to do) Also, he can't eat much so lunches pose a bit of a problem. He really is the whiniest patient EVER! It's driving me nuts. He won't take his pain meds, he hardly eats, hardly drinks, LOVES to complain. It's SO frustrating. I am really looking forward to having my life back to the normal routine. Tucker also loves to yell and whine at Jake and everything Jake does. 2 nights ago, Jake snuck up on Tucker (I don't think he was being malicious) but Tucker didn't hear him and he screamed really loud! After that, he was spitting up blood. LOVELY! That is to be expected though as the healing process progresses. I won't tell you all the gory details but it's normal. I just wish I could convince him to keep the whining, yelling, and grunting down to a minimum. It is, after all, in his best interest!


Ruby Red Slippers said...

That sounds stressful!

Dawn said...

I hope (for your sake) that he is feeling better soon.