"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato



Tucker and Tanner have another belt promotion today! I would be more excited but several times a year they do this big belt promotion which includes all the other "chapters" of the school the boys train at. It's a big to do that lasts For-ev-er. I kid you not, I will be there for many hours today to witness something that should take only about 1/2 hour. It was really awesome to see the first time because they put on a little weapons demonstration and all but man, once was enough. The boys hate the big belt promotion and I usually avoid them at all costs. BUT, we did a private promotion for the boys the last two times so I figured we'd just suck it up and go today. Well, except Tanner's pants seem to have run off. He does have others but he's supposed to wear his black belt uniform today and there are special pants for it. UGH. I've checked everywhere! I cannot imagine where they are. I'll keep looking though....I'm dumb that way.

Jon is such a teen now. He'll come with me to the promotion. Only because he can skate the mile or so to his friends house. Meaning, he won't have to wait for me to finish up and get home before he can get on with his, oh so important life. He's spending the night at a buddies house and a group of kids are going to an amusment park to celebrate a birthday. They should have fun. I'm glad that he's old enough to be able to do fun things like that but I can't quite figure out WHEN he became old enough! Man, it goes by so quickly.

Other than that, there are no spectacular plans awaiting us this weekend. More chilly weather. At least I found some of my maternity pants that *almost* fit. Don't you just hate that "fat" stage? Yeah, I'm still stuck there! If it was warmer, my maternity shorts DO fit! Dang blasted weather!

What are YOU up to this weekend?


Amanda said...

Hope today goes well!
I have to work this weekend :o(
Amanda x

Ruby Red Slippers said...

We had a beautiful spring weekend! I can't imagine having teens-you are so chill-I am envious....

~Sheila~ said...

Like I said in the previous posts comment. I hate the in-between stage along with weather that won't cooperate.

I'm afraid of my children getting "old enough". I like it when they are old enough to feed, dress and clean themselves...but that's about it.
Oh yeah..and do chores..but that's it.

Oh yeah..and bring mommy drinks..