"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


I just can't believe it....

My ultrasound is now only 2 days away! HOLY COW! It seems like that time flew by. Hopefully the little squirmy one will cooperate for some gender see-all pictures.

PS. My mom looked at me last night and out of the blue said, "I think this time it's going to be a girl. I just looked at you and got a feeling." Now, you have to understand that my mom is notorious for being dead on with these things...... Only time will tell. Wouldn't it just figure....I'm TOTALLY stumped on the perfect girl name! Somehow, I think I'd manage though. ;0)


Jennifer said...

You have been on my mind this past week. I have been praying for you and your unborn baby. I'm Glad that those verses brought some comfort and understanding to your situation.
I'm excited that you will get to see your little one in just 2 days and cannot wait to read your post on if your babe cooperated to show you his/her parts. I will be praying that your heart will be filled with Joy regardless of the outcome! And also that your baby will be healthy!:)
Again, I will be visiting again soon to read up on your adventures of parenting 5 boys and a new little one.;p How do you have the energy and patience for all you do? You must have secret super powers stashed in your back pocket!!

Maggie said...

Hope your ultrasound goes well and the baby isn't bashful!!

Happy Mother's Day!!