"Of all the animals, the BOY is the most unmanageable!" ~ Plato


May....the month that rivals Christmas in terms of $$$

May is ALWAYS a busy month here in my house. In just 10 days I hope to find out if my dream of having a daughter will be fulfilled or if I will be forced to wait for the daughters in law....

In just 11 more days, Tucker will be 11! He's got major preteen attitude flaring up already. So much so, that he may have to *skip* the party this year.

In a mere 23 days, I will become mother to a 15!!!! year old!!! (YIKES! Not too much longer until this one's driving!)

In 27 short days, my little Tanner will be 7! I know the experts say that 7 is the age of reasoning. I think Tanner may need a couple of extra years. He's still impulsive and odd in a fun eccentric sort of way.

I hope your May isn't going to be as insanely busy as mine!


Maggie said...

Oh girl, our Feb is like your May... both our boys' birthdays are in Feb (5, 18) and then you have Valentine's Day thrown into the mix! A very fun month, but very exhausting as I'm sure you can imagine with having the same kind of situation in May!! =)

Good luck w/ that pre-teen attitude. My 14 year old started it about 11, and yeah, he's over the top at this point. We've gone as far as threaten to take away parties and such, so don't feel bad! LOL It works... for a few hours anyway. haha

Lauren said...

Wow you will have a busy month. Hopefully you will get the opposite news of what I got yesterday:) So I am going to ask you the notorious question. Does this pregnancy feel different from the others? Are you sick of hearing that?

~Sheila~ said...

I know you must so anxious to find out. I really hope it's a girl for you.
I knowing how you feel about the boys getting older. Mine just turned 14 last month and I can't stop thinking "He'll be 18 in 4 years". A little scary and exciting at the same time.

My 7 year old is very reasonable. I just sit him down and explain to him and he gets it. He also does his own reasoning so there's another thing to look forward to...lol.

I have NO IDEA what's in store for me in May. Hope all good things for us both.

Buncha Blue-Eyed Monkeys said...

Well, maybe your pink and purple blog posts will help you get ur girl...I'm thinking pink for ya!