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Weekend plans? Anyone?

Thank GOD it's Friday! I feel like it's been one incredibly L-O-N-G week. This weekend is supposed to be a HOT one! It's set to be in the mid to high nineties. Should be, UGH....nice. Tanner is SUPER excited because this weekend is the Tiger Cub Safari for Cub scouts. Jared it taking him camping for the weekend with the whole group of Tigers and their dads. Better him than me. While I love camping, I cannot imagine doing so feeling as worn out as I am lately. Jon hurt his neck today jumping off the high dive at school so I'm guessing he'll be pretty low key. Jake and Tucker will be the real trouble makers. Although, I'm hoping, that maybe with Tanner gone, they will have no choice but to be buddies. Who knows, if it does get really warm, maybe we'll head out and catch a movie. Anybody see anything good lately? We rarely go to the movies. It's too dang expensive!

So, how about you all? Any awesome weekend plans?

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Ruby Red Slippers said...

We watched a GREAT movie-that we rented..."GhostTown" with our friends/neighbors.
It was SO funny-I laughed so hard I cried at a couple of spots...It was REALLY funny, and sweet.

Even with my three boys-we had a dance recital to attend-and I loved watching my SON in his first ever-and of course-cried!!! It was the best thing ever...
Love to you, and hope your weekend was relaxing-