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Scrunchbump review....

So, sorry to be late on this....warring with my computer over photos....

Tracey over at Just Another Mommy Blog was approached to review a shirt. She thought of me (THANKS) since it's something that serves a dual purpose. Scrunchbump Let me start by saying that Scrunchbump was started by an everyday mom who saw a need and created a product. I LOVE supporting companies like that so it was awesome to do this review. As you can see in the pictures, I was sent a black signature cami. Those jeans I'm wearing are actually a pair of my FAVORITES that were boxed up long ago due to the growing belly. BUT, as you can clearly see, Scrunchbump made it possible for me to once again wear my faves! Of course they weren't buttoned or zipped but who knew? NOBODY! Now I was excited because this was the first time that I really felt like myself during a pregnancy. I do have some cute maternity clothes but, let's face it, nothing's better than your favorite, well worn pair of jeans. I actually went SHOPPING! In my regular pre pregnancy size and bought MORE JEANS to wear with my new shirt! It was awesome! The shirt is quite long and I could wear it as a dress....bump and all! But, the idea is to pull it up a bit and "scrunch" it so the folds of fabric hide the fact that your pants don't fit the way they used to. I was skeptical at first because I thought I'd be tugging my pants up all day...NO! That just didn't happen. The shirt is extra think and elasticky (is this a word?) on the bottom which provides great support and holding power for those pants! I even jumped up and down several times for good measure and my pants stayed put! It was wonderful. The entire shirt is very stretchy and I found it to be completely comfortable. It was super supportive too because, let's face it, that belly can get heavy!

Below, you will also see pictures of my beautiful sister Becca wearing....THE SAME SHIRT! She actually tried it on after I had worn it all day. She's normally a bit smaller size than me but as you can clearly see, the shirt was not all stretched out from my belly, it fit her well! I cannot wait to wear it as a sexy little black dress post baby. Also, another plus for me was that the straps fall exactly where my bra straps go it was totally ok to wear it with a bra. All in all, I was very impressed with this shirt. I actually have to buy another to go with all my new jeans! I would recommend this shirt to anybody who is expecting or even trying to conceive. It would make a perfect gift as it's something that can be used, before, during and after a pregnancy. I just love it! y the way, I do believe that if you go to Just Another Mommy Blog you will be able to enter to WIN one of your very own!


Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

You guys look GREAT! I'm so glad you got to review it. I think the pictures of a pregnant woman and a non-pregnant woman wearing it makes a bigger impact. Also, it's nice that you got something new for yourself on this pregnancy.

My giveaway will go up tomorrow!

Take care.

Ruby Red Slippers said...

How cool is that shirt!!!
You look beautiful-I cannot believe six babies have been in your tummy! You look AMAZING!!!

sissy's Pastime said...

That shirt really does look good for the prego, and even for the sister. the color black it didn't make you look bigger.
Congratulations to you and your husband for the new member of the family.
I am also prego and due on august.

Take care and stay healthy.Have a nice day!

Jennifer said...

Look at that sexy mother of 6! You are a gorgeous pregnant woman!! Loved your post on scrunchbump. I will definitely have to look into it if we have another.

~Sheila~ said...

WOW. that is versatile.
I'm not sure my figure would look good in it cause I don't actually have a pregnancy bump.

More like a beer gut...lol.