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So the Dr. turned out to be the real deal. It was weird and side show-ish but it worked! My mom was very sensitive to barometric pressure changes (weather) and she was treated for it. She feels GREAT now. She was able to shower and then sit and put on her makeup WITHOUT turning on her 2 fans. AND she didn't overheat like she normally would. She was SO happy. I found I have 26 different allergies and/or sensitivities! The normal person has 10-12. YIKES! A lot of airborne allergens for me....no wonder I get killer sinus headaches. I was treated for grass. That was my biggest problem. My headache disappeared! It was awesome! I took Tanner and Jake in to be tested yesterday. Jake has 21 allergies/sensitivities and poor Tanner has 24! Tanner's been suffering horribly from hayfever. The Dr. was able to check and verify that it was NOT a cold he had and Tanner was treated for his biggest problem which turned out to be....weeds! He slept so much better last night! He still has several airborne allergens so he's a bit stuffy but not nearly what he was yesterday morning! I only wish my health insurance would cover these treatments....they're NOT cheap!

In other news.....Poor little Brennen has some nasty bug. He tossed and turned all night Friday and was super clingy. He woke up yesterday with a low grade fever which by the afternoon had gone up to 101.5 He was NOT feeling well. He hardly ate. I mean, I was pushing candy and cookies....whatever I could to get something in him. I got him to take a dose of med. Well, 1/2 dose really. It tasted horrible and he wanted to spit it out but I gave him his water and asked him to swallow it and he did. He's such a big boy. He told me, "that taste yucky mom!" I know honey! For several hours he felt much better and actually ate some fries and ran around playing. Last night though he was burning up. So, you moms out there know what that means for MY night. Sleepless. I was up most of the night making sure he was ok, getting him water, his binky, a different blanket, taking him potty......I'm beat! He feels much cooler now. He's still snoozin. I'm hoping it was a 24 hour bug.

That's about it for now. Hope you are all happy and healthy and enjoying your summer! I'm off to my mom and dad's later for a bbq. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and the kids can swim for a bit!

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~Sheila~ said...

How wonderful that the Dr. worked.

I always hope for those 24 hr bugs when my kids get sick. I don't sleep much either. I have them sleep with me.

I've been giving my kids cough medicine and they've been gagging everytime. I don't have money to buy more because we have lots of bottles.
Poor babies have to suffer until they get rid of that cough.

Hope he feels better.